Minister of Supply: 3 major projects for the storage of wheat at a cost of 3 billion and 206 million pounds

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President Abdel Fattah Sisi held two meetings today with Dr. Khaled Hanafi Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, the first, a group of international investors to set up 3 major investment projects, and the second a meeting with the youth and leaders of the Ministry of Supply and its affiliates.

Dr. Khaled Hanafi Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, following the two meetings commented, that the first meeting was with President Abdel Fattah Sisi with the aim of a group of international investors to set up three major projects, the first project at a cost of one hundred million dollars for the construction of the first plant for storage technology and modern logistics warehouses to serve the domestic market and export to markets Arab and African countries.

The second project at a cost of one billion and one hundred and ten million pounds to create the ten modern logistics areas, as the first stage, for the storage and trade of perishable products from fruits and vegetables to reduce production costs, and thus prices, and preserving the rights of agricultural producers, so they can provide the goods and provide to citizens at discounted prices, which provides 40% of the costs as a result of avoiding wastage in the trading, transportation and storage.

The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade said that a third project at a cost of one billion and three hundred and eighty-one million pounds to bring one hundred sixty-four shounas to modern global standards. Instead of dirt barns will use modern technology to suit the conditions of the Egyptian environment, which includes operations of receiving and handling and storage of wheat and grain, and provides about 30% as a result of the cost to avoid wastage in wheat trading operations. Balhun exposed and dirt, as well as the classification of Egyptian wheat for the first time in order to preserve the rights of farmers and draw some wheat varieties are expensive and exported abroad.

He emphasized that the three projects fall within the strategic thinking of the country in the orientation specified regarded as a logistics center global state in preparation for work exchanges commodity for the first time in the Middle East along the lines of what exists in the West, but are traded grain and wheat region and surrounding countries through Egypt, which comes correlated with National Project ambition axis of the Suez Canal.

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