Innovation & Applied Engineering

If anything describes our approach to obstacles and opportunities, it's innovation.

Much of our work springs from innovative ideas. Sometimes it's new technology. Other times, it's discovering new uses for existing technology, resulting in innovative products and new applications.

A few examples. State-of-the-art systems to monitor and reduce the energy use of office buildings. Technology that allows a farmer in developing countries to trade their harvest directly onto a commodities exchange. Or a high-tech manufacturing process to extend the longevity of steel using super-insulting coatings.

A wonderful idea is of little use if it's too expensive, too fragile, or doesn't add up. To work, an idea needs to be practical, efficient, and affordable. That's why our scientists in Iowa, engineers in Chicago, and financial staff in Miami are constantly and rigorously analyzing how well our ideas will work out in the tough world of reality.

At Blumberg, we put innovative ideas to work. And our ideas work.

Blumberg Applied Engineering: Putting innovative ideas to work