Chairman's Message

At Blumberg, our mission is to change the world by putting innovative ideas to work. And we're doing this everyday in countries around the globe.

Our family started out in a small corner of Alabama, in the 1800's, where we farmed several thousand acres of cotton and pecans, and later, in Florida, mango groves and tomatoes. We put the land to work in ways that were productive and prudent.

My father, David’s, and his generation also put the land to work by developing new towns and communities. In that process he engineered new concrete structural components that were the most durable in the industry. Never a man to cut corners, quality and execution were of utmost importance to him.

We apply those same hard-working principles to all our businesses.

The results are impressive. Market leading returns in our equity real estate investment Funds for 30 years; the creation of an agribusiness, Blumberg Grain, that is one of the largest global food security firms in the world; and establishing Blumberg Steel as a major steel fabricator in emerging markets.

We thrive on competition, whether in the financial world, real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, or applied engineering; and we do it through American innovation, ingenuity, determination and grit.

We're putting capital to work. We're putting ideas to work. We're putting people to work. With discipline, integrity, and results. And, as we're doing that, I'm proud to say that we are indeed changing the world, one project at a time.

Philip F. Blumberg

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Change the world.