Grain & Refrigerated Storage Systems

Blumberg Grain and Refrigerated storage units are designed specifically for markets where food safety and security are important. Blumberg Grain Storage Units are the most cost effective grain and refrigerated storage available on the market today. The all steel construction provides durability and long service life. Our grain storage units are easily integrated with conventional materials, such as, block or precast concrete walls. Secured storage prevents spoilage, insect and rodent infestation and pilfering.

The units are based on an innovative state of the art technology that utilizes a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated modular design (Patent Pending). Blumberg Grain Units are 35% less than the weight of conventional structures. On a cost basis alone, these units beat most contemporary conventional designs by over 50% while providing a superior product. The units can be easily transported via container or flat-bed truck. They are designed to meet specific load requirements, building codes and other local specifications. The units are designed to comply with local specifications for natural disasters and adverse weather conditions.

The units are secured to poured concrete slabs. They are able to accommodate both bulk and bag storage. They can be easily loaded and unloaded. The units can be manufactured and erected faster and easier than any competing product and structures. Installation of these units does not require a specialized skilled labor force since they rely on bolt-in-place rather than welded construction. The same advantages are present in our refrigerated storage units. Our units comply with all USAID standards and specifications.

The design is modular making the storage capacity scalable and fully flexible to respond to the customer needs and can be adapted for use for company, port and private sector facilities. The unit can accommodate both dry and refrigerated storage in any configuration. They are designed to be energy self-sufficient providing independent stand alone operation. It is the only product specifically designed to use various sources for energy from solar, to generators, to wind.

The design includes passive venting and controls that create a specialized controlled atmosphere for grain, produce and perishables. The unit can be automated using with State-of–the –Art technology that is PC based and able to control, monitor and record the temperature and humidity from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it can monitor access and egress and provide a permanent record of activity.

In short, in terms of total cost, materials use, weight, transportability and simplicity and speed of installation, it’s a far superior product to what is otherwise available today. Our product can save 50% of agricultural post harvest output that currently rots in the fields, is consumed by rodents and insects, or pilfered.