The Blumberg Grain

Blumberg Grain leverages the skills of a team of experienced professionals to work with our clients from the point of conception, through feasibility, system design, project financing, to implementation, and post-project support.

The objective of this process is to design and enable solutions that meet our company and country customer goals for their agricultural value chains.

We start by engaging each of our clients to understand their current demands, past challenges and long term agri-business vision, in order to identify the basic scope and scale of their dry and cold storage requirements.

In cases, where the client requires further refinement of their vision, Blumberg Grain can provide consulting services that culminate in feasibility studies, operational and financial models or full business plans for the storage operation.

We then work collaboratively with our design team, engineers and the client to create and refine a customized solution for the client's individual food and crop storage needs.

Once the project is initiated and manufacturing commences, Blumberg Grain keeps the customer apprised of the progress in the production cycle, so that site preparations at the project location match delivery schedules.

Blumberg Grain also coordinates international shipping, and, working through our local distributors, can provide in-country logistics, site preparation, installation, and maintenance; a true turn-key package.

Once the system is erected and installed, Blumberg Grain can manage the network or train the customer's own staff.

Detailed coordination that leads to the fastest development times in the industry