Blumberg Grain

Blumberg Grain provides the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art storage units, technology and management systems for post-harvest food safety and security.

Blumberg Grain offers fully integrated systems built around the best pre-engineered steel storage units, for storage of both dry and perishable goods.

Mass produced in the United States, our lightweight, scalable warehouses use one-third the steel of conventional warehouses, making them the most efficient storage facilities on the market.

By design, Blumberg Grain warehouses can be partitioned for segregation of multiple agricultural products, and each area can include its own sophisticated temperature and humidity adjustors and monitoring controls.

To power the facilities, customers may rely on their local power grid or choose from independent gas, solar or wind power generators we provide.

What's more, Blumberg Grain structures are designed to work in rural areas, close to the farmers and their crops, so that harvested product is stored as quickly as possible. When adjoined, the modular units can also serve as large distribution and collection facilities.

Blumberg Grain systems not only provide the most cost-effective solution to food security storage, they can also include our advanced inventory management systems, warehouse receipts and voucher programs, and the only software available to link warehouses directly to commodities exchanges so that trades can be conducted from the warehouses.

Up to 50% of annual crop yields globally are wasted or lost.