Product Innovation

The Blumberg Grain approach to design incorporates the principles of applied engineering, regularly cross pollinating technologies from different fields and adapting them to our domain of food safety and security with impressive results. Our applied engineering team operates in an open architecture environment, from our own proprietary products to leveraging established technologies and adapting them to provide unique, innovative and state-of-the-art solutions.

We have fostered long term relationships with multiple suppliers, who have many years of experience and have undergone an intensive inspection and selection process that ensures they meet stringent Blumberg Grain quality and consistency specifications.

Working in a collaborative environment with our design team, engineers, suppliers, and research partners at Iowa State University, we conceive, study, and test each Blumberg Grain system at our Applied Engineering Center based in Ames, IA.

This highly involved and diversified process enables the formation of a product line for a range of agricultural products in a variety of climates and conditions.

Blumberg Grain turnkey systems include our Grain Vault, Arctic Vault, Blumberg Bulk (Horizontal Silo), Self Contained Bulk System, Marketplace Model, among others.

Each solution offers both the hardware and software components, as well as our support and ancillary systems, including proprietary:

  • Access Management Systems
  • Environment Management Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Generation
  • Partitioning Walls and Racks
  • Reinforced Bulkheads
  • Handling, Conveying and Moving Equipment
  • Grain Processing Equipment
  • Refrigerated Cells
  • Controlled Atmosphere Technology
  • Measurement Kits
Continuous innovation for a diversified client base.