It takes capital to put big ideas to work, especially when implementing them globally.

Blumberg Capital Partners, our investment arm, has a long history of successfully committing our own capital, along with institutional and high net worth investors, and putting that money to work with discipline, integrity, and results.

Our investment Funds (open-end, closed-end, and syndicated opportunities) have generated market-leading results for over two decades, in up and down markets.

Our highly successful real estate Funds didn't suffer during the financial crisis of 2008. In 2006, with eyes wide-open, when the industry continued deploying capital into US real estate, we sold our assets at record-high prices, and moved our Fund into a fully cash position. In 2008, our positive 18% return in our equity real estate Funds was among the highest in the US.

Typically our Funds acquire assets directly. In other cases, our investments take the form of projects, joint ventures, or mezzanine debt.

Whether our client is an individual, a pension fund, or a sovereign wealth fund, we don't treat investment capital from others the same as our own; it's much more precious.

Risk mitigation is one of the fundamentals of our investment strategy. We're conservative, use debt with great prudence, and pay attention to market timing, because we believe that luck is for the unprepared. And we don't rely on leverage to generate amplified returns, because with that comes amplified risk.

Discipline and integrity, market timing and cyclical investing, we focus on the basic fundamentals to generate top-of-the-market returns.

Luck is for the unprepared