Blumberg Capital Partners provides leasing services for its investment management funds, as well as for its corporate services clients.

Our approach is distinguished by being accountable for leases that reflect the ownership's best interest.

We begin by thoroughly understanding property investment objectives and propose various options, including options that hadn't been considered in structuring an outcome.

A less obvious but equally important long-term factor is the ability to actively manage rollover risk in a multi-tenant building. We accomplish that through a discipline that proactively restricts single-tenant size and manages co-terminus lease expirations.

Blumberg Capital Partners' leasing professionals approach every assignment from the perspective of an experienced real estate investor. We help owners and clients build lasting value while avoiding common risks such as rollover concentration, industry concentration, and lease clauses that inhibit landlord flexibility.

While a significant portion of Blumberg Capital Partners' leasing work is in landlord representation, we also offer tenant representation services to national and international companies.