Property Management

We provide property management services to our investment management funds, and to our corporate services clients.

We are vertically integrated, with a team of experienced professionals who can manage all aspects of this business, including acquisitions and dispositions, market research, due diligence, and the management and leasing of commercial properties.

It’s part of our discipline to control operating costs through techniques like batch bidding, scheduled re-bidding, and inventory and response time control, as well as systems that track and control energy costs.

We manage properties with our nationally recognized Tenant Premium Services Program℠, which has helped us to achieve historically high attraction and tenant retention rates.

We place a high priority on issues involving integrity, life safety and security. When we acquired the Three Riverway office building, in Houston’s prestigious Galleria area, we insisted on the installation of a specially designed floodgate system, and we implemented emergency procedures to ensure its proper use. When Tropical Storm Allison flooded Houston with over 40 inches of rain one weekend, ours was one of the few buildings open for business on Monday morning. (See video)

Within property management is construction services which oversee the improvement of tenant spaces and building common areas, lobbies and other reconstruction projects which allow us to upgrade, reposition and improve our assets in order to implement our value enhancement program. The value enhancement program includes an upgrade of physical facilities, tenancy and operating systems.

Creating and managing class-A workplaces