RealData Information Systems, Inc.

When you combine strong data with a solid investment discipline you get sustainable results. The proof is that our commercial real estate funds have been consistent, top performers over the last two decades.

In 1983, we established RealData Information Systems, Inc. (SM), to track and analyze the trends in key real estate markets across the United States. Over the years, many leading banks, brokerage firms, and institutional investors have accessed this research on a subscription basis.

Today, RealData (SM) tracks 50 commercial real estate markets in the United States, and uses proprietary econometric models and analytic tools to rank the 25 markets we consider most favorable for investment. RealData (SM) also issues periodic reports on key factors such as occupancy, absorption, and rental rates, as well as market momentum and emerging trends.

When Blumberg Capital Partners acquires real estate assets, RealData (SM) plays a key role in the due diligence process, and provides periodic USPAP1 compliant asset valuations during the period of ownership.

In addition to helping our fund managers decide when to buy, sell, or hold properties, the information from RealData (SM) helps our leasing and asset management divisions to maximize income and value on both our properties and those we manage for others.