Blumberg Steel

It's one thing to lay out a project on paper, and quite another to put it to work in the real world. Steel is the material of choice for many of our projects, particularly in the harsh and hostile environments we work in across the globe. That's why, from our steel warehousing to construction materials, Blumberg Steel is tough-made, for a tough world.

Manufacturing pre-engineered steel warehousing is a Blumberg core business. We manufacture in the United States, and also through an aggressive expansion of manufacturing plants and export hubs in strategic markets around the world.

The result is Blumberg Steel becoming one of the largest warehouse fabricators and steel component manufacturers in the emerging markets.

Our new plants have the advantage of being highly efficient and cost effective.

Our Applied Engineering division supports Blumberg Steel with new processes for fabrication as well as innovative new product ideas and designs.

From rust-resistant girts to pre-coated roofing elements, Blumberg is at work around the world manufacturing innovative, quality products for a sustainable infrastructure.

Tough made, for a tough world